Deploying Robots in Changing Reality

In the past 15 years, mobile robots have jumped from being a curiosity or highly specialised industrial equipment to our everyday appliances. However, the robotic revolution has not started yet. The key obstacle is that mobile robots are still not fully capable to cope with ever-changing noisy reality. Therefore, the key focuses of my research are: (i) to enable robots to understand and exploit the dynamic changes in the environment and (ii) to develop introspective methods allowing robots to assess the quality of their internal models.

I believe, that the goal of deploying robots in dynamic environments can be achieved only through equipping them in tools allowing to build consistent and robust models of the reality (its static and dynamic aspect simultaneously). However, because of constant changes that reality is undergoing it is necessary to not only develop models able to incorporate the stream of new information but it is also necessary to develop robust methods for automatic assessment of such methods. Thus in consequence I am devloping my research along two lines:

  • Maps of Dynamics
  • Robotic Introspection